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Monday, May 16, 2011

Donation Suggestion!!! Calling all who would like to donate their time or how about some Bologna?

Hi Everyone.  My husband and our dear friend Howard make at least 40 sandwiches every Friday night to be picked up on Saturday morning and donated to the needy.  We go through 5 packs of bologna each week.  Kroger has it on sale this week for $.97!!!  I am challenging all of you to buy 5 packages to donate to this cause so that we can reach out and feed more hungry people or I challenge you to make 40 sandwiches each Friday night also!  If anyone is interested in helping make sandwiches or donate lunchmeat, peanut butter, jelly, snack cakes, cookies or crakers or any personal items such as deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brushes, feminine napkins or anything else I am certain it would be appreciated by those who need it most!

Can't make 40?  How about 10 or 15?  This is a fabulous way to reach out and help our community.  Nearly everyone can make a sandwich so let's get together and show these people that we care.

Please contact me on my cell phone 513-805-3290 and I will be happy to pick them up from you or give you information about dropping off sandwiches!

Thank you all! :)

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