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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Power Coupon Class was a success!

Thanks to everyone for coming tonight!  It is wonderful to see everyone so excited about saving money.  With the economy the way it is and unemployment at an all time high (or close to it), saving money is a necessity.  It is my goal to help you do just that on this blog.

I spend a lot of time online and in stores searching for steals and deals to share with you.  I look forward to reading your feedback and getting your input.  Please feel free to post a great deal that you found or a money saving tip.

Often times my friend Trish will post great deals that she finds and I appreciate it very much.  The more information that we share, the more money that we all save and that is the ultimate goal. 

Feel free to share this blog with friends and family also. 

If you are looking for a specific coupon, please let me know.  They are more than likely available in lots of 5 or lots of 25.  Complete Smartsource inserts are also available!  Just let me know what you are interested in and I will try to accommodate your needs.

Congratulations to our door prize winners tonight!  A brother P-Touch label maker and also a pair of earrings designed and made by a good friend of mine, Sharon (thank you) of Shazzy Designs.  If you are interested in hosting a jewelry party, feel free to email me and I will get you in touch with Sharon.

Thanks again everyone!  Until next time...

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